Brooklyn was the new Manhattan 15 years ago. Today Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill and Brooklyn Heights are the new West Village and SoHo.

Beautiful tree-lined streets, gorgeous townhouses and a vibrant neighborhood life, with a hip community and some of the best dining in the city. This is the Brooklyn we love and it’s where we want to live!

The  BOND Townhouse group, established right in Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill, now offers short-term rentals by week or by month based on membership leases. Enjoy one of our two Boutique townhouses, fully furnished and fully serviced, with 24/7 concierge and beautifully landscaped private gardens.

Escaping the city? The Bond provides a perfect urban garden for relaxing after work. Commuting to the city for work? Hop a nearby train and to arrive in eight minutes. 

Here in the most sought-out neighborhood in Brooklyn, take in an oasis of peace, relish the authenticity of your surroundings, and enjoy a stylish stay from a week to three months.

Chic & Authentic

What to Love About Boerum Hill

Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill, along with Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo, are the Brooklyn people crave. Chic, stylish, and authentic without the boisterous crowds of imitation Williamsburg. The Boerum Hill area has set itself apart as the perfect neighborhood for families with young kids and business people seeking refuge from the frenzy of Manhattan. At the Bond townhouse you’ll discover a throwback to the New York of yesteryear: romantic tree-lined streets, peaceful walks, the short bike ride to Brooklyn part, and that Brooklyn Heights promenade with its breathtaking views of the skyline.

Three Trains Stops From Manhattan

How long does it take to get from Manhattan to Boerum Hill?

You’re literally on the F train at Bergen street. This mean, a quick five-minute jet to Manhattan and eight minutes to Soho. You won’t find a boutique townhouse rental any closer than this!

Where are the best dining and shopping in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn?

Where should I eat in Boerum Hill?

The Soho House rooftop pool is here, and the Ace Hotel will open around the corner. The best dining and independent designers are listed below—all a five minute walk from the Bond townhouse. You’ll find yourself between Court street and Smith street, a thriving community filled with of fascinating boutiques and delicious restaurants.


A real cocktail bar, secretly hidden on Bond street Address: 104 Bond St

Bien Cuit

An authentic French bakery on Smith street. Get your baguette here! Address: 120 Smith St

Les Enfants Terribles

Get your stylish hair cut here, sip an Aperol spritz, and have an ice ream after, just next door! Address: 85 Bergen St

Bar Tabac

The French restaurant, not just French cuisine. Live music on Smith street. Address: 128 Smith Street

Van Leeuwen

An artisan ice cream factory, using coconut milk, super tasty, and kinda of healthy… Address: 81 Bergen Street

Building on Bond

Authentic Brooklyn style restaurant, great american food, cozy ambiance, dark wood decor, almost like a library. Address: 112 Bond Street

Modern Anthology

Men clothing & grooming, all the good stuff that men like! Address: 123 Smith Street

Collier West

Jewelry, chandeliers, silk screen prints, rugs and lighting, authentic Brooklyn style. A shopping spot not to miss. Address: 377 Atlantic Ave


The restaurant! Great Italian cuisine, mixed in a typical Brooklyn settings. always packed, ideal brunch and dinner. Address: 190 Dean Street

The Brooklyn Inn

This is your Bar ! Web mean it! just a 2 min. walk from the Bond. Old Authentic bar for late night cocktails, To meet locals, not to miss. Address: 148 Hoyt Street @ Bergen St

Smith Spa

A real spa, with Dermatologica products, facial and body scrubs. Address: 119 Smith St

Numero 28

Thy pizza place, not a pizza place. There is no better pizza in Manhattan or Brooklyn than Numero 28. Address: 68 Bergen Street

Salter House

Address: 119 Atlantic Ave @ Henry Street

Regular Visitors

Not just your coffee place. Books, rare magazines and home fragrances Address: 149 Smith St. @ Bergen St.

La Vara

Basque spanish cuisine, excellent food, in a stylish Brooklyn atmosphere. Address: 268 Clinton Street