House Membership


Our Elite Membership  is the best way to enjoy your reoccurring stays at The Bond Townhouse.

Either you are a “one time visitor” or a “regular “ – the Membership will give you peace of mind.

Created for those who dream of having a Pied-a-Terre in NYC, without having to pay for your time when you’re not here – we all know how rent can be! Never have to worry about the hassle of maintaining a place, cleaning, or paying any utility bills, fees and repairs – especially when you’re not there. You only pay for the time you stay and it’s your home. Stay anytime you want during your Membership  period.

What are the advantages of having a Membership ?

⁃ You have one of the best homes in all of Brooklyn, it is your Pied-a-Terre, and you engage in a growing “home share” community where you contribute your property to others when you’re not there. Our Membership works like a country club, we screen and background check our applications. It is free to apply along with no fees and applications are usually processed within 48 hours at our sole discretion.You won’t deal with any hassle from property management – we handle it all. Your home share property will always be clean and ready, stocked with kitchen basics, and you will have additional services on request, like maid service, spa, concierge, and so much more! It will always feel like your home, and we will personalize it to the detail!

  • You will be only charged for the exact time you stay,
  • There is no booking deposit requested
  • no leases to sign 
  • You can cancel anytime
  • You have 10% discounts on regular rates
  • You have a weekly maid service included

Apply for a membership  today! We would love to have you.