Welcome to The Bond Townhouse & Garden.

We are a landmark Townhouse in the historic district of Boerum Hill, that focuses on hospitality from a unique, local angle. Forget everything you have experienced with a typical boutique hotel or AirBnb.

We offer a set of high-end Brooklyn-styled Suites that are serviced apartments with an array of amenities ideal for those long term stays. Included are services typical of a Boutique hotel, like concierge, room service, outdoor spa, and guided tours throughout our quirky borough.

Design, Peace, and Style is what we focus on to ensure your stay is exactly what you need it to be.

We have collaborated with mysuitesandco.com to design and develop The Bond Townhouse - with the idea of making a home away from home for the creative class and stylish travelers who would enjoy an oasis of peace and a fresh BK Rainbow bagel, all the while being just an 8 minute A-F-C train ride from the rest of New York City.

We value guests that share our similar aesthetics and lifestyle philosophy.

Because we appreciate your good taste, we offer limited membership leases to those recurring visitors, but we welcome all our guests on a trial pass.

We have built a sense of community as we collaborate with local Brooklyn designers and we can’t wait to share our passions  with you.

The Bond

Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

The Dutch

Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

The Garden

The Suites