Welcome to the bond Townhouse & garden. We are an innovative Boutique Suites hotel that focuses on hospitality from a different angle. Not your Airbnb or typical boutique hotel.
Our Boutique Suites are serviced apartments, with an array of amenities ideal
for long term stays and services typical of a Boutique hotel. We focus on design, peace and style.

We are an innovative Boutique Suites company that focuses on hospitality from a different angle. We offer  a lifestyle experience for your home away from home in the most sought after neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Cobble hill and Boerum Hill. Two locations are currently part of our group: the original bond townhouse in Boerum Hill and the Dutch House in Cobble hill.


BOND TOWNHOUSE – Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

DUTCH HOUSE – Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Book your stay: reservations@bondtwonhouse.com

Ph: + 1 718 650 3895

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Garden Deluxe

An elegant, classy parlor floor with high ceilings that has been transformed into a garden suite with incredible light exposure as the room becomes sun drenched.

Living at the Garden Deluxe suite

Botanical-inspired design for a small family or couples looking to enjoy one of the most beautiful private gardens in Brooklyn. Not to mention, you get all that sunlight you couldn’t find anywhere else. Well, maybe at the actual Brooklyn Botanical Gardens you could!

Sleeping at the Garden Deluxe suite

Enjoy a direct view on the gardens if you were literally sleeping in the garden! We have been designing this Japanese type of bed platform for 2 main reasons: first space, we all know in New York space is a luxury. Second because of the coziness and “ready to sleep” set up that they offer, which is the second idea of luxury in NY.


  • two  bedrooms, private bathroom, full kitchen
  • living room with trundle sofa ( two twin beds)
  • dishwasher, iron, blowdryer 
  • washer and dryer
  • sleeps up to 5
  • TV in each bedroom
  • complimentary wifi and Marshal speakers