How to make a reservation

To stay at the Bond Townhouse you need either a Membership or a Non Member access pass. Members have priority reservations

  1. first time visitors or Non-members please fill out this form.
  2. An Elite Membership is for our returning guests who work both in and out of New York. The Elite membership provide the freedom to stay anytime during a 6 to 12 month window. Elite members pay for their stay without fees, utility charges, booking deposits, or security deposits. there are more benefits for an Elite Membership. There are no fees associated with the membership application, but Membership is granted at our solely discretion. Discounts are applied thru an exclusive coupon. Fill out the form here.
  3. If you are part of our Corporate Housing program that allows stays of 30 days to three months, there are no membership requirements. All arrangements will be handled directly through the company, and you can email us directly here.

At the booking you will be charged a non refundable 15% booking deposit, and the balance will be billed 8 days before arrival.

All reservations are intended for 30 days stay.

Members are required to have their members ID at all times. Non members are granted access via a limited “30 days membership lease” which cannot be renewed.