Turning a landmark building into a new breed for Boerum Hill

I saw this townhouse back in Fall 2017 and I have been impressed by the fun, exuberant vibes of the block. The airy, generous trees line the street, which is more common in Brooklyn than Manhattan, but still something very beautiful.

Coming from Europe myself, I was not very familiar with Brooklyn. Only later I found out that this is what Americans call the Historic District of Boerum Hill and the house is categorized as a landmark building.

The house was everything but a big piece of junk, including the yard. While I was scrambling over old toys or piece of furniture, I immediately see all the potentials, especially in the yard, to create something unique, that would be a share home for the business and creative class part of a nomad generation that would be a few months here and few months there.

I knew Brooklyn is the new Manhattan, but still I had to figure it out for myself!

I was fascinated by the walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and at the same time, I found the streets and the few blocks of Boerum Hill the most authentic and charming of treelined streets!

Imagine the West Village without all the people of the West Village!

After months of design and talk with the owners – we got started in what turned out to be one of the most exciting projects done by MySuites & Co.

During demolition and first phase of construction, we were so fascinated by the old house that was coming out, the cloys, the old details, and especially the crowd of Boerum Hill – a great mix of hipsters and Brooklyners!

The project lasted months more than expected, but it was a beautiful discovery of a new ‘hood that we have decided to share with you, as well what we have found on the way!